Jewelry School Perseo

The Professional Jewellery School Perseo, conceived and founded in 1998 by Fabio Sieni and Massimo Campaioli, organises and runs training, specialisationand refresher courses on themes and subjects relating to jewellery and goldsmithery. The school has its premises in Florence, a city that has always been identified with art. The home of artists and craftsmen who have made it famous throughout the world. The teaching method, tested and refined since 1998, allows excellent results to be achieved in relatively short periods. All the courses are designed to guarantee everyone adequate training for their needs, with many hours of lessons, all conducted by well-qualified teachers (craftsmen, artists, designers and professionals). The only in Italy for jewellery where the Owners are All Artisans-Artist. Born in Florence in 1998, an Association dedicated to the teaching of the Culture of Jewelry. A group of Professionals of this sector decides to found “Perseo” to fill in a large gap left open by public and private schools. Until then, the teaching of the Arts concerning Jewelry and all the activities that form Jewelry was normally confided to persons who were good “managers” of any Vocational School but from the artistic point of view, they had little or no personal experience in working in a jewelry workshop. Therefore, there grew a necessity for those who wished to bring the young in contact with all the expressions that form Jewelry, to recreate a “Bottega Artigiana” (antique workshop) in Florence, which has for centuries been a birthplace of the best traditions of this Art. In this “Bottega” we turn to think of Jewelry as true and personal creations which are thought, designed, and produced by the hands and the head of the persons who know from direct experience working at the workbench, step by step. Respecting the most classical Jewelry, the owners of “Perseo” wish to bring to light to the Students how to acquire, step by step, the techniques to think, design, produce, set stones, and engrave pieces worthy of the best form of Art in the Goldsmithery Sector. Every owner of “Perseo” has been, for a long period of time, one of the best Artist-Artisans in their own specific sector: the experience accumulated during years of Professional work becomes transmitted to Students in the courses with the suitable amount of time to prepare them to become the best future Artisans. Goldsmithery, Stone-Setting, Wax-Casting, Engraving, Jewellery Open Work, Design, Gemmology. This becomes scholastic material, but with the intention of passing the major portion of hours in front of the workbench.


THE PRICE INCLUDES: Taxes, silver and precious stones which remain the property of the student.

Courses begin and end every day of the completion time.

For prices contact us at

The school has its historical center to Florence. The home of artists and craftspeople who have made it famous throughout the world, the Toscana region today is still rich in exceptional craftsmanship, and preserves a human dimension that attracts thousands of the young and not-so-young from all parts. The school inherits the Renaissance spirit of the region. In Florence the school’s premises are at N°s 10 Via dei Rustici and have one big workshops, a gemmology classroom, and one classroom for design and theory lessons. Beyond to the office and the services, the school offers to the own students the free logon to Internet, with net ADSL. The workshops are equipped like manufacturing workshops, and therefore have a sufficient amount of all the specific tools for all the students to work with, lost-wax casting ensemble, melting unit, two ultrasound cleaners and all necessary accessories and furniture. The first school in Italy to boast such facilities, since 1999 for its gemology lessons the school has had specific gemological equipment at its disposal (microscopes, refractometers, polariscopes etc.), as well as an extensive and constantly updated store of stones for study. The library. For both our own students, la Scuola Perseo has set up one of the most extensive Italian libraries dedicated to jewellery: our collection of books, manuals, catalogues and magazines from all over the world.









The School Reports cooperation and collaboration on training for their employees with the following companies:


Arte Orafa Fiorentina.



G.I.A. FIRENZE: Gemological Institute of America.












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